MILIEU: a person's social environment. ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: French, from mi ‘mid’ + lieu ‘place.’

Two words to define a whole. A whole of scenery, landscape, ambiance, objects, sounds, people, light and shadows, scents. A number of elements combined in an unique way, which stimulates our emotions and helps forge our identity.

We offer fine-art wedding photography, where photo journalism, editorial fashion, Jazz, and an eye for landscape architecture photography come together. A new approach to documenting a wedding, keeping in mind that any experience is the result of a series of elements, not only what we see and hear, but also what we smell, feel, touch, taste, and the feelings of how we interact with others. Although only the visuals and sounds from that unique day can be recorded and reproduced, if they are captured and presented at the highest level, memory can recreate those intangible elements more fully in our mind, at best allowing us to relive our emotions.

Our approach is to document a wedding with a new awareness of it and how it is presented, captured and recorded in order to create the best experience of it in memory long after the day has ended.

All the images are carefully post produced in house, because we believe that since image carries the unique vision of the photographer, it is the photographer who knows how to ensure that the vision is kept intact and delivered through post production.

We can be booked for a photographic service with one photographer only, or for more articulate packages which can also include additional shooter(s) and videographer(s). We also provide Make-Up Artistry, if requested, all event long.

We deliver our work in different formats,
depending on the choice of our clients:

  • via digital online download
  • flash drives
  • albums
  • fine-art prints


Jason, Lissa and Salvatore had the chance to meet in the way the makes the most sense: by releasing their individual creativity on a new way to look at wedding documentaries. They are now working on this project, inspired the synchronicity in their work and the results of their productive collaborations.


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Award-winning filmmaker Jason Fifield honed his eyes and ears as a musician making 4-track cassette recordings and performing in the school jazz band. He made his first camera out of an oatmeal box, then he went on to study film photography, and building his own darkroom in his parent’s house.

After graduating magna cum laude from the University of Southern Maine with a bachelor’s degree in geography and anthropology and a minor in music,iIn 1998 he founded audio and video production company Slife Productions. 

Since then he has delivered his clients compelling story-based video. Jason develops a natural rapport with people from a variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, consistently astounding his clients, earning repeat business from clients such as CBS Radio, Mercedes-Benz USA, PNC Bank, the University of the Arts and the Papal Foundation, and VCA Animal Hospitals. In addition, Jason has completed projects for Philadelphia area musicians, artists and dancers, including Kennedy Center honoree Trudy Pitts, Pew Fellow Venissa Santi and Grammy nominee Orrin Evans.

He resides in Philadelphia with his wife and three children and loves his job.


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Confidence shouldn't be underestimated. In this business you have to move fast; you have to be able to listen and follow instructions; you must know and keep up with the latest cutting-edge products, and you need to have a good picture in your mind's eye of the end product.- Lissa Taveras

Lissa was born and raised on her father’s ranch in the Dominican Republic. She moved to the US when she was 16, and has been in the beauty and health business for over 10 years, covering all aspects of cosmetology: makeup, skin care and hairstyle. As a licensed cosmetologist with a degree from The International Christine Valmy School, and also an accredited event designer from the Institute of Wedding and Event Design, Lissa is able to manage all different aspect of weddings and special events, including decoration. She often works on projects together with her sister, who is also an event designer.

Lissa's natural talent combined with her experience has earned her a large client following. She ran every aspect of the business As the owner of Diva Spas and Salon in Jersey City in North Bergen from 2008, until the business was sold in 2015. She is now attending Montclair State University, furthering her education with a specialization in health and nutrition sciences and freelancing in the field of beauty and event design.

Lissa lives in New Jersey with her husband and 4 year old son; you might understand why both complain they do not see her enough. Her future plans include acquiring as much experience and education in the health and beauty field to be able to accomplish her goals of providing the best to her clients, and when the time is right going back to her own full time business.


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Curiosity of exploring new experiences, has been the main drive in Salvatore's lifestyle.

During this existence he has been a track & field athlete, a lifeguard, a consultant for energy markets, a passionate Jazz music listener, and a traveler: by hitchhiking, driving (and picking up hitchhikers), riding trains, planes and buses.

As a matter of fact, his desire of preserving memories from live concerts and travels, has exposed Salvatore to the irreversible enamoration of his first experience with a camera. An enamoration that with time didn't subside quietly to the role of a mere hobby, but that instead become a slow-burning compulsive behavior, from the attention to choosing the right film, to the need of carrying a camera everywhere.

Essentially, photography has become the common denominator throughout Salvatore's existence, until he started freelancing as a second job in 2003. In the same year, after a 2 year long-distance relationship, Salvatore moved from Italy to New York City to live with his wife, where he's been dividing his time between his family and freelancing as a photographer and photo editor for a multitude of different clients, including music and visual artists, recording and TV companies.

He has developed a versatile eye and an attitude that make him comfortable in a variety of situations, from studio portraiture to events and architecture photography. His experience is reflected in his style when photographing a wedding, as well as in the creation of Milieu.