MILIEU: a person's social environment. ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: French, from mi (mid) + lieu (place)

Two words to define how we want to photograph your wedding: as whole of scenery, landscape, ambiance, objects, sounds, people, light and shadows, scents. Each wedding is a unique combination of these elements with its own balance between 'spontaneous/candid/casual' and 'posed' photos. However it is our goal to provide all the options in order to render your vision in a beautiful way.

We offer fine-art wedding photography, where photo journalism, editorial fashion, jazz, and an eye for landscape architecture come together. A new approach to documenting a wedding, keeping in mind that any experience is the result of a series of elements, not only what we see and hear, but also what we smell, feel, touch, taste, and the feelings of how we interact with others. Although only the visuals and sounds from that unique day can be recorded and reproduced, if they are captured and presented at the highest level, memory can recreate those intangible elements more fully in our mind, at best allowing us to relive our emotions until long after the day has ended.

We will provide you with a wide range of images of the highest quality, aimed at enhancing the beauty and the magic of your event.

Either if we have a few hundreds shots from a small, intimate ceremony, or tens of thousands of them from a multi-day large event with hundreds of guests, in any case you will receive images carefully post produced in house, because we believe that since image carries the unique vision of the photographer, it is the photographer who knows how to ensure that the vision is kept intact.

We can be booked for a photographic service with one photographer only, or for more articulate packages which can also include additional shooter(s), videographer(s), and drone photography. We also provide Make-Up Artistry, if requested, all event long.

The following is a general description of the workflow you can expect from us in a typical full day:

  • arriving at location and set up (cameras, strobes test shoots, posed portraits lighting set up)
  • start photo/videographing details (decorations, tables, room(s), venue outdoors, etc)
  • start photo/videographing bride and groom getting ready
  • covering rehearsal
  • covering first look
  • covering ceremony
  • covering cocktail/first dance/reception

Please note: each part can be covered by one or more photographers and/or videographers, according to your preferences.

We deliver our work in different formats, depending on the choice of our clients:

  • via digital online download
  • flash drives
  • albums
  • fine-art prints